Apps, perhaps

Noodlepants is a mobile app company that began its’ story in Seattle in 2019. Pictured on the left is Wallace Newhouse, Chief Executive Noodle. His interests include ewoks, tales of the sea, and birthday cake.

The goal of Noodlepants is to provide fun, family-friendly apps for your mobile devices. Check below for our current offerings, or look for Wallace Newhouse on the Apple App Store.



Noodlepants Stickerama

Add some style and silliness to your iMessage conversations with the Noodlepants Stickerama! These 42 images will allow you to express yourself like a Noodlepants pro. Tap a sticker to place it in a new message, or hold it for a few seconds and drag it onto the chat conversation. And most of all, have fun!

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Privacy policy


Noodlepants stickerama

The Noodlepants Stickerama is only available through the Apple App Store. Currently this app does not collect any data about its’ users. If this behavior changes at any time, it will be published here. To view Apple’s privacy policy, please visit https://www.apple.com/privacy/




To contact someone at Noodlepants, please send an email to support at noodlepants dot com. Your email will be logged, sorted, listed, tracked, coagulated, pasteurized, lost, panicked about, found under the couch, tracked again, processed, prioritized, and finally … read.